Blue Ridge Sportsmen's Summer Schedule 2016

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Blue Ridge Sportsmen's Summer Schedule 2016

Post by outlawshooter423 » Mon May 16, 2016 12:49 pm

Blue Ridge Sportsmen's Summer 2016 schedule
May - 21
June - 18 Star Round ( Prize is entry fee paid to Blue Ridge Mid-Atlantic in July.)
July - 29 and 30 Mid Atlantic Championship
August 20
All matches doors open at 8:00 am and shoot at 10:00.
$150.00 entry fee

6 Rounds for $220.00
$20 - Goes to championship fund.
$20 - Goes to two side pots -- 3rd and 6th rounds.
$180 - Gets divided -- 30% for house and 70% for round pay out.
36 inch barrel limit.
If you win a qualifying round you earn the right to shoot for the championship.
At the beginning of the championship round there will be an optional $100 side pot to help build the pot. This is optional and you do not have to pay the $100 to shoot your earned qualifier. If you choose not to pay the extra $100 side pot you can still win the championship pot, just not the extra side.
If you have any questions, please ask. We want everyone to enjoy this championship series. Good luck to everyone!
Other than these few rules, the Shooting House Rules Apply.
Blue Ridge Outlaw Shooters - 3009 Waynesboro Pike, Fairfield, PA 17320

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